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Our Business Practices


  •  Technical expertise and specialized support in the areas of complex valuation, alternative assets, real estate, and fixed asset management 

  • Valuation of Alternative investments  

    • Given the dramatic rise in the number and value of illiquid securities held by the hedge funds, private equity funds, pension funds, endowments and corporations, the scrutiny and attention by investors and regulators to fair value reporting standards has sharpened dramatically. In light of these trends, it is imperative that reported fair values are not only accurate but are also supported by a well defined and consistently applied valuation policy that complies with the relevant reporting standards. 


Corporate Finance  

  • Objective guidance to management teams and stakeholders throughout restructuring, financing, and M&A transactions, including independent transaction opinions 

Disputes and Investigations  

  • Financial analysis, consultation, and expert testimony in the context of litigation, arbitration, and mediation 

Tax Services  

  • Expertise in implementing tax solutions surrounding property tax, business incentives, transfer pricing and unclaimed property 

Compliance and Regulatory Consulting 

  • Helping financial services firms navigate the compliance and regulatory landscape, mitigation risk throughout the business lifecycle 

Company Information Across the World 

  • Analyze and compare worldwide 

  • We’re experts in company information and business intelligence. We add value to company information. With comprehensive information on private companies and corporate structures we help our customers to be more efficient across a range of business challenges

Credit Risk Management 

  • We are ideal for straightforward company financial checks, or you can do more in-depth analyses and even integrate it with your own risk systems. The unique financial strength data and comparable, detailed financial reports are perfect for credit assessments across multiple countries.   

Corporate Finance and M&A 

  • We help you analyze individual companies in detail and compare companies against each other. You can build very specific searches to find potential target companies.  

Projected Financials 

  • Calculated by creating models that assess a company, its region and industry. 

Mergers and Acquisitions 

  • Information on deals 

Procurement and Supplier Risk Management 

  • Our standardized financial data and comparable financial strength indicators allow you to assess suppliers’ financial visibility across the world. PEPs and Sanctions screening helps protect your reputation. 

Sales and Marketing  

  • You can research new industries and regions, create lists of target companies, and enrich and refresh your CRM system.  

Transfer Pricing  

  • Our data is ideal for transfer pricing analysis for tax authorities, consultants, and corporates.  

Professional Services  

  • Our services are ideal for management consulting projects and executive. It’s also ideal for marketing your professional services to other companies.


Patents, Intellectual Property, and Innovation 

  • We analyze patents by sector or groups. You also get: 

    • Suggested value of a company’s patent portfolio and a benchmark 

    • Trends in their portfolio’s value 

    • Intellectual property indicators such as a total and technical quality, relevance, legal score, distribution, market coverage and attractiveness 

Royalty Agreements Management 

  • Information on licensing agreements and royalty rates involving the company.  

Compliance and Due Diligence  

  • The corporate ownership information is a key element for anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, and client due diligence.  

Understand Corporate Structures and Hierarchies 

  • We analyze comprehensive lists of direct and indirect subsidiaries and shareholders, a company’s degree of independence, its ultimate owner, and other companies in the same corporate family.  

  • We collect information from a variety of sources including official registers including SEC filings and stock exchanges, annual reports, and private correspondence.  

Our Financial Metrics 

  • Specialists have designed financial models that work with our standardized company reports. They give you transparent, independent views and predictive indicators of a company’s financial strength. They’re ideal for assessing companies and benchmarking your own models. Also includes modelled projected financials for predictive analyses. 

Private Equity Portfolios 

  • We analyze portfolios of specific private equity companies. 

PEPs and Sanctions 

  • Individuals, companies, and corporate groups are screened against PEPs and sanctions lists. 

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